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About Alaska's Backcountry Inn

A Legacy of Alaskan Wilderness Hospitality

Nestled in Port Alsworth's serene wilderness, Backcountry Inn is more than just a stay; it's an experience steeped in Alaskan heritage. Our family has nurtured this retreat for generations, offering meticulously crafted rooms and cabins that blend rustic charm with modern comfort. Here, every window opens to the stunning natural beauty of Alaska, inviting you to immerse in its tranquility and grandeur.
At Backcountry Inn, your adventure is our passion. We combine sustainability with heartfelt hospitality, ensuring each guest feels like part of our family. Whether it's experiencing the Northern Lights, exploring diverse wildlife, or simply soaking in the wilderness, our dedicated team, deeply connected to Alaska's heritage, ensures your stay is memorable and meaningful. Join us for an adventure that connects you with the wonders of nature.
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Courtney Bell's journey from an ICU nurse in Atlanta to a pioneer in holistic health, rooted in her Alaskan upbringing, showcases her commitment to wellness and family—learn more about her inspiring story.
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Dana Natwick, a passionate globetrotter from Port Alsworth, Alaska, combines her love for travel with a noble aspiration to serve in humanitarian aid, embodying the spirit of adventure and compassion—learn more about her inspiring path.
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Joel Natwick, a seasoned bush pilot from Alaska, has turned his dream into a lifetime of adventure, soaring through the skies and sharing the wonders of the Alaskan wilderness with the world—explore his remarkable journey.

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