Due to personal reasons, we have unfortunately had to suspend all 2024 helicopter operations. We are excited to resume helicopter tours in the summer of 2025. Stay tuned!
Due to personal reasons, we have unfortunately had to suspend all 2024 helicopter operations. We are excited to resume helicopter tours in the summer of 2025. Stay tuned!

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Top 5 Must-Do Activities in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Here’s your ultimate checklist for making the most of your Alaskan wilderness adventure!

1. Visit the Park’s Headquarters & Visitor Center

Convenience Meets Nature: Just a short walk from our Bed & Breakfast, the visitor center is your gateway to understanding the park’s vast landscapes and rich history. It’s the perfect first stop to enrich your knowledge and plan your adventures in Lake Clark.

tanalian falls in lake clark alaska

2. Hike to Tanalian Falls and Lake Kontrashabuna

Trailblazing Glory: With trailheads to Tanalian Falls, Lake Kontrashabuna, and Tanalian Mountain less than a mile from where you stay, embark on a hiking journey like no other. Traverse Alaska’s backcountry and be rewarded with stunning postcard-worthy vistas.

kayacking on lake clark alaska

3. Kayak on Hardenburg Bay & Lake Clark

Paddle in Paradise: Take advantage of our on-site kayaks and paddle across the serene waters of Hardenburg Bay and Lake Clark. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, we provide the gear and guidance for a peaceful day on the water, surrounded by nature’s grandeur.

Love Fishing? Don’t Miss This!

A Must-Read for Fishing Enthusiasts! If you’re thrilled by the idea of fishing in these pristine waters, you’ll definitely want to check out our blog post, “Alaskan Angling Adventure: A Gentleman’s Guide to Trout Fishing at Lake Clark”. Dive into the art of ethical trout fishing and learn tips and tricks for the best catches in Lake Clark.

bear watching at katmai national park

4. Book a Day Trip to Katmai National Park

Fly to the Bears: Venture beyond Lake Clark with a quick plane ride to Katmai National Park, where the bears roam free and the volcanic landscapes awe. Let us help you book a day trip to explore the famous bear habitat and the fascinating Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

camping at lake clark national park

5. Camp Anywhere You Like

Wilderness Under the Stars: Experience the freedom of Alaskan camping with no permits required. Find your perfect spot by the lakeshore or in the heart of the woods. Need gear or advice? Our full-service Bed & Breakfast has everything you need for a comfortable, responsible, and sustainable camping experience.

We can help you make those things happen!!

At Alaska’s BackCountry Inn, we’re not just your hosts but your partners in crafting an Alaskan adventure that’s as wild and wonderful as the land itself. Book with us, and let’s start checking off this incredible list of experiences together!

lake clark national park helicopter tour intimate duo

Embark on Your Alaskan Adventure Today!

Ready to turn this listicle into your itinerary? At Alaska’s BackCountry Inn, we’re dedicated to making your stay and adventures in Lake Clark National Park & Preserve as magical as the Northern Lights.

Explore our packages and start planning the trip of a lifetime. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or thrill, our tailored experiences cater to every kind of explorer. Don’t wait any longer to discover the untouched beauty of Alaska—your journey begins here.View Our Packages and Book Now – Your adventure is just a click away!

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