Due to personal reasons, we have unfortunately had to suspend all 2024 helicopter operations. We are excited to resume helicopter tours in the summer of 2025. Stay tuned!
Due to personal reasons, we have unfortunately had to suspend all 2024 helicopter operations. We are excited to resume helicopter tours in the summer of 2025. Stay tuned!

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The Importance of Purchasing Travel Insurance

Why Gamble With Your Getaway?

Vacations are a time for relaxation, adventure, and escape from the daily grind. But in the excitement of planning a trip, many overlook the less glamorous aspect of travel: risk. While we all hope for a smooth journey, the unexpected can (and does_ happen. That’s where travel insurance becomes a safety net and an essential travel companion.

red helicopter on helipad at night with city lights in the background for travel emergency

Navigating the Unpredictable: Medical Emergencies

Health First, No Matter Where You Are

Imagine facing a medical emergency in a foreign country. The situation can quickly become overwhelming between language barriers and unfamiliar healthcare systems. Add to this the potential for excessive medical costs, and you have a recipe for a travel disaster. Travel insurance acts as a global health ally, covering unexpected medical expenses and ensuring you receive the care you need without the extreme costs.

The Rescue You Didn’t Know You’d Need

Some scenarios may even require medical evacuation, which can be astronomically expensive. Your policy is designed to handle such extremes, offering a lifeline when you need it most.

flight information board showing multiple cancelled flights

The Ripple Effect of Cancellations

Securing Your Investment

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes they interfere with our best-laid plans. Trip cancellations can occur due to anything from personal illness to a sudden natural disaster at your destination. Without travel insurance, you could lose the total cost of your trip. With it, you can recoup your losses and plan for the future without financial regret.

lost purple suitcase on airport tarmac with workers in the background

Baggage Blues Be Gone

Lost Luggage? Less Worries!

Delayed or lost luggage is more than an inconvenience; it’s a disruption that can derail your travel plans. While airlines often provide minimal compensation, travel insurance can fill the gaps, covering the cost of necessities and compensating for your loss.

blue van parked on city street suggesting foreign country travel insurance needs

Liability: Your Invisible Shield

When Accidents Happen

In the rare event that you find yourself responsible for injury or property damage, the legal repercussions can be a nightmare, especially abroad. Appropriate travel insurance can shield you from potentially devastating claims and legal fees.

red phone booth and bike sharing station on a busy city street

24/7 Assistance: Your Travel Insurance Concierge

A Helping Hand in Foreign Lands

With 24/7 assistance services, help is just a phone call away, no matter where you are. From lost passports to legal difficulties, your travel insurance provider is there to assist.

man relaxing in airport lounge with suitcase waiting for flight

Peace of Mind: The Unseen Travel Essential

Enjoy Your Journey with Confidence

Beyond the tangible benefits, travel insurance provides something priceless: peace of mind. Knowing you’re protected allows you to immerse fully in the travel experience with less worry and wonder.

alaskas back country inn fishing access

The Verdict: Insure Your Adventure

Travel insurance is the unsung hero of travel planning. It’s a relatively small investment that protects against significant losses and supports you when you’re most vulnerable. So, before you embark on your next journey, remember: don’t leave your vacation to chance. Secure travel insurance and travel with confidence, knowing you’re prepared for whatever comes your way. Your future self will thank you.

Your Next Adventure Awaits at Alaska’s Backcountry Inn

Embrace the call of Alaska’s wilderness at Alaska’s Backcountry Inn. As you plan your escape to the world’s last frontier, remember the importance of travel insurance for peace of mind.

While we don’t provide insurance, we encourage you to secure your own, so you can browse and book our breathtaking tours with assurance. Adventure is just a click away—explore our offerings and let the journey begin.

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